At Havner’s, each frame can be custom cut and created to fit the exact size and feel of the piece it outlines. That means, unlike a store bought frame, a frame from Havner’s will allow the exact same amount of spacing around all the sides, allowing the matte to add to the beauty of the piece rather than distract from it.

Shadow Boxes

A shadow box is a fantastic way to showcase a piece of history on your living room walls. Just like the frames, Havner’s custom creates shadow boxes to the exact specifications of your item. A well-built shadow box will help preserve the integrity of the object so that it can be passed down and enjoyed through the generations. Havner’s welcomes all types of items including jerseys, instruments, and important documents.


Often an overlooked area when hanging artwork and pictures, a properly executed matte highlights the beauty of the piece. A matte is more than simply a thicker piece of paper around a picture. At Havner’s their custom matte machine can make hundreds of custom cuts to fit the style of the piece. Customers can choose from a vast array of designs including French Stair, Art Deco, Gothic, and custom words for collages. 


Local Art and Home Decor

Havner's Frame Shoppe also offers solutions to your home decor needs in order to complement your wall hangings. A variety of "shabby chic" items are available for purchase to add a touch of character to any room. These items have the perfect balance of well-loved and worn to bring out your home's charm.